Union Capital Group was initially launched as a pure business to business
Alternative Investments boutique specialising in covering a new customer base
in the Wealth Management space – Family Offices & Independency Managers.

The bureaucratisation of the financial sector post GFC led to the birth of Union
Capital Group. New and counterproductive layering of processes increased the
unnecessary obstacles investors faced in managing their international portfolio.

A group of industry veterans joined forces and took the initiative to rejuvenate
wealth management. With an innovative financial structure and rigorous
investment processes, Union Capital Group offers clients tailor-made
financial solutions and an impeccable level of service.

Today, with a new generation of internally trained employees with strong
technical skills, we have grown into a world-wide network of companies
collaborating closely every day to answer your specific needs.


Both serial entrepreneurs and high achievers with multicultural backgrounds, Lonnie and
Clement share a vision to act as unique players in the realm of wealth management. This
strong partnership and its vision are the founding pillar of Union Capital Group.

Lawrence D. Howell

As one of the most respected figures in the Wealth Management industry, Lawrence D. Howell, “Lonnie” has spent four decades building businesses and companies, while establishing the highest standards for the industry. His unique experience and deep knowledge of the needs of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals have driven his vision for a lean and flexible group with a strong personal connection to clients.

Lonnie believes that the key to the model is building a network of businesses that can actually interact across borders.

Lonnie co-founded Union Capital Group in 2011. Lonnie is also the co-founder of EFG International and served as its Chief Executive Officer until June 28, 2011. Prior to EFG, he served as Head of Americas at Coutts & Co. International Private Banking from 1989 to 1995.

Before this, Lonnie held a number of senior management positions at Citibank, Coutts and McKinsey during the 80s and started his career in 1978 at Citibank. Lonnie holds a BA and JD from the University of Virginia.


Fully dedicated to disrupting the traditional Establishment of Wealth Management, Clément has spent the last 15 years focusing on expanding Union Capital Group’s capabilities, services and investment strategies to better understand and serve sophisticated Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

Clément believes that in this phase of high wealth polarisation, a transparent and partnership-based approach with investors will ultimately prevail over scalable, tech-driven solutions.

In 2006, Clément founded Union Capital Group in Geneva, and since then, he has established a number of other companies around the world, including Capital Union Bank in the Bahamas. 

Clément earned his BBA from ESSEC Business School in Paris and early experience in HSBC Corporate & Investment Bank.