New management at Capital Union Bank

From left to right, Patrick Zbinden, Dominique Braithwaite and Flavio Lopes

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Patrick Zbinden (left) joined Capital Union Bank Ltd as CEO in September 2021. He took over the day-to-day operations from Mr. Ludovic Chechin-Laurans (Co-Founder) who remains on our Board of Directors.

Head of Risk

Mrs. Dominique Braithwaite (center) joined us as Head of Risk in May 2022 – taking over from Mr. Rolf Schuermann, who remains a consultant to the firm.

Head of Client Services

Mr. Flavio Lopes (right), our incoming Head of Client Services joined us today. He will oversee our International Booking Desk and oversee all matters that relate to the administration and improvement of client services.

We would like to thank Ludovic Chechin-Laurans and Rolf Schuermann for their invaluable support, which helped Capital Union Bank grow into the institution that it is today.

If you want to learn more about CUB’s history, click here.

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